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Oriental Services has been marked its presence since 1999. It serves mostly to the kolkata based firms as well as it works with many national and international clients. This company is originated in kolkata and growing with a growth rate of 100% every year. OS introduce itself as one of the most competent company offering wide range of services in the field of software development, system consultancy, and implementation jobs. OS equipped with a team of qualified,dedicated and experienced professionals,analysts and service engineers and thus OS have achieved goodwill in the field of IT only by the performance. Oriental Services also specialized in developing high quality solutions for business of all sizes. OS strive to analyze & develop solutions that will effectively work towards efficiency and productivity. The goal of OS is to achieve ultimate satisfaction of client by delivering good systems to work with and that is in affordable price. Oriental Services develops software for all purposes required for modern business. OS provides customized, tailor maid turn key solutions with standard software. Consultancy, maintenance and support of software and contract job services related to development are also there in the service bucket of OS. OS can provide optimum solutions at minimum cost leveraging the experiences of using state of the art of technology. Oriental is such a service provider that has developed strategic alliances to provide customer the turn key solutions with a broad variety of services. OS provides services for its own projects and also for the third party solutions. OS develops numerous type of solutions like Accounting system, Inventory system, POS system and also different types of business systems for manufacturing, trading and retail business outlets. OS have the solutions for most of your needs, which can be customize for your purpose. These may also decrease the initial cost. Os also develops E-commerce and web portals and provides consultancy services for networking.

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