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Retail Liquor Shop Management System

  This system has a total coverage of inventory of a retail liquor shop. We divide this system into three parts as follows- master entry, transaction entry and inventory reports printing. In master entry part user can enter records related to manufacturer, customer, division of liquor, brand of liquor, size and item. In transaction entry part user can put purchase records, sales records and also breakage records, user can print sales bill from sales entry part. Last the inventory reports printing part where various reports generated regarding sales, purchase, stock. Some of them are 'daily sales register', 'cash memo register', 'consolidated sales register', 'party wise and item wise purchase register', 'consolidated stock register', 'daily accounts of receipt and sales', 'quantity stock register' and most important of them is 'monthly statement of receipts, sales and assessable quantities of foreign liquor' which is accepted by excise department.   Download Brochure - PPS File

Office Automation System for Liquor Distributors & Wholesalers

  This system has a total coverage of inventory as well as accounts of a Distributor Liquor shop. We divide this package into four parts as follows- 'master entry' part where user can enter master records related to accounts as well as records related to inventory, party, salesman etc. Next part is 'voucher entry' where user create vouchers like payment, receipt, contra, debit note, credit note, journal etc and also generate sales bill, apart from this user can enter purchase records, breakage details, opening bill entry etc. Next part is 'accounts report' where user can generate cash book, bank book, general ledger, sub-ledger, trial balance. Next part is 'inventory report' where user can generate reports related to sales, purchase, stock, TCS statement, TCS certificate, and most important 'Aging reports'. Apart from these there are other facilities like statistical analysis of accounts, help menu regarding how to operate is also available.

Point of Sales (POSPRO) System.

  This system is specially made for retail industries. It has two part one part is responsible for bill entry, bill printing, declaration of cash for a particular counter for a shift and product searching. Another part is supervisor part which is responsible for granting permission to open a new day transaction, close a days transaction, declaration check of cash at the end of a day of a particular counters whole days sales, bill printing, cash pickup, cancel last day end process, day end report preparation and master updating and many more options available.

Financial Management System

  This system is made for profitable and non profitable both type of organizations. We divide this system into two parts one is 'Master Entry' and second one is 'Accounts Reports'. In master part user can able to entered data into 'Schedule Master', 'Group Master', 'Ledger Master', 'Sub-ledger Master' to create master database. In master part user can also found voucher entry form where records related to 'Payment', 'Receipt', 'Payment A/C' and 'Voucher Printing'. Apart from these huge facilities we also add some module to enhance its capability to serve user better.

Apart from these projects we also have a handsome number of projects in our development bucket. Some of them are:

    ✓ Retail Industries
    ✓ Government Organizations
    ✓ Liquor Industries
    ✓ Jute Industries
    ✓ WEB Development Sector
    ✓ Engineering Firm's
    ✓ Medical Sector
    ✓ Education Sector
    ✓ Retail Shop's

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